Garry Hugget


Garry graduated in law in 1984. He has extensive experience in most aspects of NSW property and leasing law, and in particular   buying or selling residential, commercial Crown leasehold property in the New South Wales Alpine areas.  He offers over 30 years of local experience with property law.

Prior to 1997, Garry directed resort and concession management for the NSW ski fields. From 1997 to 2004 worked as the property and development manager for the Thredbo ski resort. Garry and Kylie Smith then opened Alpine Law in 2016 to service Jindabyne and its surrounds including the NSW ski fields.

With a broad and loyal client base and many of his clients are return clients, quite often from the larger metropolitan areas, who have property interests in the Snowy Mountains area, and who rely on Garry to look after those interests.

Garry has acquired extensive skills in subdivisions and property developments, both freehold and in the New South Wales ski fields leasehold, together with sale or purchase of vacant land, units and ski chalets, commercial properties, rural land and off the plan purchases.

Living in Jindabyne since 1971 Garry has strong and long-established community ties in civic educational sporting and other community groups.

Areas of expertise

Ski field property

Garry has a thorough knowledge gained over many years of the intricacies and detail required to successfully undertake and complete the conveyancing and leasing of NSW ski field property. He maintains a good rapport with the ski field operators and the various relevant authorities with roles to play in those resorts and is often widely consulted in respect of providing advice on proposed developments in the resorts.

Property Law

Garry provides a local source of knowledge and experience in regard to property law and conveyancing generally.

This work ranges from the creation of subdivisions, the sale of land in proposed subdivisions through to all facets of the sale and purchase of established properties, including both residential, rural, commercial and retail properties, for both freehold or leasehold.

Key Achievements

Garry recognises and accepts that in many instances the buying and selling of property or the entering into leases is a significant life event for his clients and prides himself on working closely with the clients to achieve the best possible outcomes with the minimum amount of fuss and stress.

In the event that hiccups occur during the client’s property transactions, the client has the comfort of knowing that an experienced practitioner is ready to work with them to achieve their expectations in a timely and effective manner.

This attribute coupled with his local knowledge is the reason why Garry has developed a practice whereby both local and out of town clients seek out his services, often in preference using their own regular practitioners.


Garry receives many referrals of work from other practitioners, former clients, real estate and property agents, resort managers and operators based on his reputation, local knowledge and experience and his recognised work capacity.

Many local clients utilise Garry for their other property work elsewhere in New South Wales.